Terms & Conditions

Head Office

Branch Office

Rental Rates

All vehicles may be rented at an hourly rate of RM20 + VAT. Rates do not include cost of fuel used during the rental period. These rates are daily rental rates, and are subject to a period of no more than 24 hours. Any excess hours, over and above one day, will be prorated and subject to these rates provided rental does not exceed one more full day.

Payment Method

Cash or Credit Card payments are accepted. Shorter duration rentals are not afforded any credit terms.

Online Vechile Reservation

In order to avoid disappointment, especially during our busy peak season, Hirers are encouraged to use our Online Reservation feature and reserve their vehicles at least one day ahead of their intended date of travel. Cancellations without cost are only allowed if done with a minimum of 48 hours notice. Should a Hirer fail to pick up the vehicle on the designated date without due cancellation notice, the full booking charge of RM200 will be forfeit.

Driving License

Only valid Malaysian and International driving licenses will be accepted when renting a vehicle. The only exception to this rule is for foreign tourists in possession of valid social passes or expatriate renters. They may rent using valid licenses issued by their country of origin.

Emergency Break Down services

We will immediately provide replacement vehicles upon request, between 09.00 hrs and 21.00 hrs Monday to Sunday, where vehicles experience a breakdown within Penang Island. Such emergency breakdown service precludes replacement of flat tires.

Parking charges and traffic offences

During the rental tenure, it is the Hirers responsibility to assume liability for all fines and legal costs associated with traffic violations or parking fees.

Security deposit

Security deposit amounts vary depending on whether Hirer pays Cash or by a valid Credit card. Hirers without valid Charge/Credit cards will be required to present a copy of valid Utility bills for the last 3 months (e.g. Water, Electricity, Mobile, Astro, Telekom), or a House Contract. Additionally, a copy of a valid Driving License as well as a copy of Passport/Identity Card will be required.

Collision Damage Waiver

Purchase of CDW is optional, and not required to rent the vehicle. In the event that a Hirer opts to purchase a CDW plan, his/her responsibility for any damages or loss suffered to the vehicle may be waived either in part or in full (depending on the type of CDW plan accepted). Regardless of whether the Hirer opts for or declines to purchase of a CDW plan, he/she shall be held responsible for any additional liability that shall not exceed the limits listed below:

Car GroupExcess Liabilities
A-CRM 1,200
D-IRM 1,800
J-LRM 2,500

In the absence of Loss Damage Waiver, Hirer and any designated additional Authorized Driver will be solely responsible for any personal injuries or 3rd party claims, including death, damages or injuries that may arise as a result of using the vehicle during the rental period. All of these terms and conditions will be outlined in greater detail in the Rental Agreement at the time of hiring the vehicle.

Vechile Pickup and Drop-off Location

Our service area is primarily limited to Penang Island, and not beyond. A reasonable additional charge is therefore applicable if vehicles are picked up per the locations specified in the list below:

Pick Up LocationCharges
Main OfficeFree of Charge
AirpotRM 25/trip
Sg. Nibong Bus TerminalRM 10/trip
George TownRM 25/trip
Tg. Bungah AreaRM 60/trip

Pickups or drop-offs between 20.00 hrs to 08.00 hrs will be subject to an additional surcharge of RM70 per trip daily.